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Finale ligure


Follow a local guide on the the remotest trails 

Leave the main stream to find the best single tracks. In Finale is possible to satisfy every kind of rider: fast and steep trails for skilled bikers, flow lines for relaxed riders and beginners, technical sections on wide open alpine trails.

We organize MTB tours for people that want to ride in a unique natural environment, rich of details to discover. While out writing the MTB guidebook, we mapped a network of trails, accommodations and restaurants that respect the environment, using local materials and producing good quality food.

You can come with someone who don’t ride, you will find different activities run by local partners for children and adults.


Finale is more than Enduro paradise! Discover with a local guide the most remote areas above the sea and trails lost in the woods.


Are you an independent guy? Define with us the trails you are going to follow through GPS. Choose the accommodation, and manage your holiday! We’ll take care of the rest.


…Dream about a real trip? Follow the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri for days with an expert guide, you’ll never ride the same trail twice.


Do you travel with someone who is not a biker? Children or adults, differenciate your activities! Dinner will give you the chance to share the new experiences you lived along the day


RIDING IS THE PERFECT SPEED TO enjoy, meet people and get in the culture

Guidebook: Mountainbike in Finale Ligure

If a tour in Finale were music it would have been written by DJ Shadow

Mixing together the breakbeat of a drum, the Starwars’ theme, a passage from Aretha Franklin and the speed of The Chemical Brothers… and your feet just can’t stop moving!

Riding is exploration. Cycling is just the perfect rhythm to discover a territory: talk to your friends, look at the cliffs (and Finale is covered by cliffs), see the animals (who can’t hear your rolling down) the churches, the sea. I love cycling uphill looking around and mind my business … waiting for that moment… the moment when the party begins… the descent! I don’t care about going fast, it’s so tiring uphill that going down too fast would be a sin.  But don’t get me wrong, we were not born for suffering. I love banked turns, steep terrain, technical riding on rock: for me bike is balance, a bit like climbing. You can also find good drops, but I’m not good at jumping, I would love to, but that’s it.

Nicola Pisani

Leaving the main trails you can discover a land rich of ancient streets, single tracks, gothic churches, but also good wine and traditional food.


Nicola Pisani

I’ve been working  in Africa building hospitals and Water and Sanitation facilities for Medecins Sans Frontieres. In Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe I could ride my bike and I found that it was the perfect speed to understand a country and meet its culture.  

The most challenging project has been coming back to Europe. I moved to Liguria for work and I got shocked by the beautiful countryside of Finale Ligure and Beigua Park, where I live. I wrote the guidebook “Mountainbike in Finale Ligure” for Versante Sud Editions, met Fosca, found a black cat, and started COSA coworking.

Luca Verdino

I work for a company that builds wind turbines and renewable energy and I travel a lot to check possible sites. My bike is often with me, I use it to discover the best natural areas when I’m off .

I have a family and I like to organize activities that can be suitable also for my girlfriend and my daughter. 

I have organized any kind of bike tour: it can be flow or technical, but my favorite ones are long crossings. In my spare time I like to explore the countryside looking for new trails to ride.


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